January 26, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Keeping a secret

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's SPOTD has me bursting at the seems.  My weekend plans have been changed by an awesome piece of information that I cannot share, and keeping a secret such as this one is going to be SO hard to hold in!  There's probably going to be an indication as to what it is later on, but since I don't normally keep secrets (or at least giant ones that would ruin a moment if the info found its way into the wrong hands at the wrong time) I am pretty sure I may explode.  All I can say is that it's exciting, so DON'T LET ME SAY ANY MORE.

Keeping secrets can be hard when:

- The person you have to keep the secret from may or may not read what you say on the interwebs.  Luckily I am 95% sure this person has not ever seen my blog SO HA-HAHA!  I'm still keeping it to myself at this time just in case that 5% chance bites me in the ass.

- A certain thing that has to do with the secret gets postponed because of the secret.  Let's just say I have to be somewhere after the secret is out of the bag, so that place I have to be at conflicts with a friend's outing scheduled before I received word of the secret.  Luckily he understands (with whatever info I could give him), so rescheduling was no big deal.  If I was unable to reschedule something that happened during the secret-related something, I would regret not being there.

- IT'S AS AWESOME AS MY SECRET IS.  Well... technically it's not a huge deal for ME as in something that is about me per se, but the awesome level is still up there.  Once those who know this person find out the secret they'll be like "Ohhh that's why you couldn't say anything" and react in the way they do at this type of information, but at this moment it is ABSOLUTELY crucial that I hold it in.

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