January 18, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Listening to your favorite song

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Since the new MySpace went public, there's been music all over the place due to JT's big personal music agenda.  (Hey, the dude owns a good chunk of it, so he can do what he wants, I guess).  I decided to put my favorite song as my profile song on my new profile, and this SPOTD of listening to my favorite song of the moment ("Odd Soul" by MuteMath) helped mute JT's numerous marketing attempts.

Listening to your favorite song can:

- Make your day better.  An online radio station or radio show that I normally listen to at work could get boring and drag my day down at times due to my boredom or distaste for the song list or topic.  My favorite song always makes whatever I'm doing more enjoyable.

- Cause you to wait to listen to more of your favorite songs.  Since most of my other favorite songs are from the same band, I found myself going to MuteMath's new Myspace page and listening to their playlist of their albums to flush my system with pure MuteMath wonderfulness.

- Bring back memories associated with the song.  I saw MuteMath live in SF last year and it was EXCEPTIONAL.  My respect and admiration for this band has exponentially increased since their SF show I am blessed to have witnessed, and this song brings back the awesome feelings and memories of that day.

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