January 6, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Romantic comedies

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Quick channel surfing ended with a presentation of one of my favorite movies.  My SPOTD is one of my favorite romantic comedies and how my perspective has changed since I last saw it.  I used to be the teenage rom-com viewer who watched everything with the word "love" in the log line but hated herself after viewing said rom-coms because my life wasn't like what was in the movie at all.  Now I can look at the same movie that used to make me want to run to a dating site and just smile knowing that there's somebody out there for me that will make me feel as amazing as the characters in the movie seem to feel (or portray the feels).  It will come in good time and I don't need to WANT somebody in order to enjoy this movie to its fullest.

Changing perspective for something you love while still loving it as you did previously:

- Is the perfect excuse to experience even more of the thing you love.  After the movie ends, I want to watch another one of my favorite rom-coms to see if my insides squirm with depression or flutter with contentment.

- Is probably a sign that you're a better person now than you were before.   All that self-improvement stuff I've been doing may be partly responsible for causing my new perspective change.  I'm wondering now what else has changed in me if a movie that used to stomp on my spirits can now lift them up with no stomping involved.

- Can cause warm and fuzzy feelings.  Which is always nice.  If you like it as a generic product/experience/etc but hated your feelings afterwards, now you have a warm and fuzzy feeling to tie to the generic product/experience/etc likeness.  Win-win!

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