January 24, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: A stranger's attraction

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My SPOTD is a random stranger's attraction that caught me off guard today.

Have you ever been out in public and for no reason at all had a rush of attraction for a stranger?  I'm just waiting in line, and behind the counter is a guy who I notice looks me straight in the eye.  I look back for a millisecond then look away almost full blushed, and get all... "buzzy" is the best word to describe it (in the least vibrating sort of way hahaha).  It's like butterflies that kind of buzz inside but like bees rather than butterflies, so it's not really nervousness or excitement but something in between.  NO CLUE WHY this happened, and this person wasn't out of the ordinary in looks either just an average looking dude.  I will probably never see the guy again and that's truly OK with me... I'm just unsure WHY my stupid female body and self reacted this way.  Somebody explain this to me, please.

 My stupid female body reacts strangely due to:

- Hormones.  Too many girly hormones flow through me daily making me emotional, angry, happy, sad, etc ALL THE TIME.  It's the curse of being a woman.  Attraction such as the one I experienced today wasn't just the "hey that guy's attractive."  Instead, it was a "WOAH, why is he so attractive to me right now?  Strange..." along with various emotions out of my control it's just NO FAIR.

- Over-thinking everything.  Why is he looking at me?  He's pretty tall... why is he so tall?  He's still looking, is there something up with me?  Is there somebody behind me he's looking at instead?  REACT, woman!  Do something!  THIS is how most women react to a situation like this one.  Me... I asked a few of those probably.  It was a blur of attraction, I was lost in wondering why I was feeling so strange haha.

- Having a different brain than a man.  Men and women think differently (thank goodness), so I wonder if the roles were reversed if the guy in the situation has any "buzzing" feelings for no reason like this girl did.

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