January 17, 2013

SPOTD: Back to crafting

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Since I have been bike riding a lot more lately, my bike has been beefed up with accessories: lights, baskets, racks, locks, etc.  One particular basket I have is a wired mesh one in black (super boring) so I decided to break out the bin of yarn and begin a crafting beautifying project.  With my recent move, it's been months since I have done anything crafty.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is getting back to crafting and feeling excellent at the tedious therapeutic threading of yarn through a basket.

Crafts such as my yarn weaving beautifying is therapeutic because:

- It's so easy with the repetitive steps that your thoughts open up.  You don't have to think about what you're doing, just let your mind wander to a nice place.

- It is going to take a long time, so don't rush.  Rushing causes anxiety.  Slowing down is calming.

- It is an excuse to filter out bad thoughts for some good ones.  The five or so hours of weaving could have been five or so hours of stressing over money, finishing my moving checklist, or worrying about my crocked apartment.  Instead, I focused on ideas for plot points and character arcs in some novellas I'm working on, what my new portfolio website's pages could look like, and the next time I will see my friends / reminiscing about my friends because I don't seem them as often as I used to.

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