January 29, 2013

SPOTD: Call from a friend

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My roommate-less state of the most recent months of my life has made me extra chatty when anybody else that is not my cat is around me.  This means my call from a friend today was extra special and unexpected, so I consider it my Simple Pleasure of the Day.  I may have talked her ear off, but at least she didn't hang up on me mid-sentence haha.

Random phone calls from friends:

- Are better than texts because they are more personal.  Free-form conversation is always better than extra-thought out text conversations ANY DAY.  My random chatter of tonight however would have made my friend's phone convulse in pain over the extremely large texts I could send if my mouth was as free as my thumbs.

- Are not as good as in-person meetings, but since I live kinda-far away from the friends that used to be steps away from me it's still accepted with open arms (or... with an openly charged phone yes acceptable).  Curse our distance, but thank goodness for cell phones!  I barely remember how sucky it was when my life was cell-phone-less.

- Will always be awesome no matter what is discussed.

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