January 13, 2013

SPOTD: Clean clothes!

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Due to an unfortunate incident in my apartment complex the night before, there were cleaning crews crawling all over my building.  Lucky for me, this meant an entire day of a deserted laundry room to clean ALL THE CLOTHES!  (Fist in the air.)  My Simple Pleasure of the Day of doing laundry and putting away all of my clean clothes was finally possible after the craziness of moving and the laziness of my self but with unfortunate timing.

Deserted laundry rooms are good and bad when:

- Almost every piece of clothing you own - and I have a lot of it - has to be washed and EVERY WASHER is available.  Score!

- You're a new tenant and has to figure out how to use the machines with no help in sight.  One could not simply ask somebody if the dryers can add time with extra quarters when they're in use when nobody is around.  Stupid dryer ate my quarters!

- There's obstacles all around.  A wet chemically-ridden hallway floor, freezing outdoor temperatures, and a greasy driveway separated my humble abode from the outdoor entrance to the laundry room my building and the adjacent building share.  The main obstacle was the HazMat teams and maintenance works cleaning up the mess left behind from the night before, but I seemed to be the only one brave enough to endure the aftermath in order to wear clean clothes the next day.

After the initial cruel excitement over an unfortunate incident in my ghetto neighborhood zeroed in on my building and down my hallway, I should not feel so excited that it was the main reason why I was able to get all my clothes clean in one day as fast as I did.  But hey: nobody died, I may have to get new slippers (those chemicals did something strange to the souls), and my clothes are clean.  It is what it is.

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