January 21, 2013

SPOTD: Emotional roller coaster payoffs

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today happened to be the football game that determined if my team, the 49ers, get to the Superbowl or not.  I won't bore you with so many game-specific details, but overall it had me yelling, wining, screaming, groaning, and finally celebrating.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is the emotional roller coaster payoff of my team coming up from behind to win the game.

Emotional roller coasters that pay off make the experience:

- Worth all the craziness.  This time last year, my team was in this exact position with the same level or roller-coastery-ness.  One dropped ball was the difference between a win and our inevitable loss.  The AHH's and OH NOS! and YES!! turned into a DANGIT and Oh well with no payoff.

- Uncontrollable but feels great by comparison.  Last years sucked but this years feels exceptional and it's all due to factors I cannot control (unless my lucky 49ers neck pillow helped in any superstitious way).

- (I'm out of points because I'm so out of sorts.  MY TEAM IS GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL AHH!)

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