January 25, 2013

SPOTD: Getting it right the first time

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Makeup and I have not always have the best relationship.  Growing up I considered it girly and unnecessary, but now I find it is a form of artistry and self expression that I wish I practiced more.  Liquid eyeliner has been the death of me recently with my unsteady hand BUT today my Simple Pleasure of the Day is that my practice has paid off and I got it right the first time!  No extra tries or eye shadow redos, wahoo!

Makeup practice helps prepare you for:

- Womanhood of awesome if you're an almost woman currently.  This is easier if your mother wears makeup regularly and can teach you how to put it on.  Sadly my mother only wears makeup for special occasions (and by makeup she means lipstick and MAYBE mascara).  If my aunt was my mom instead I'd be partially clown-faced at the age of 14.

- Unexpected nights out or other poorly timed special occasions to where you need to put on your face quickly.  The more practice you make, the faster you can create the look you struggled to get before that took.

-  Presenting your true self (if your true self involves a certain style of makeup or makeup at all for that matter).  Soak up style inspiration from others.  You can match your makeup with your outfits, keep things interesting by showing off a different look every day, or set your face with one signature look, WHATEVER you wanna do!  Your face is a canvas just as a traditional canvas is, paint at your will and use your brushes and palettes wisely.

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