January 23, 2013

SPOTD: Making new friends

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My recent move away from friends that used to be a few feet away from me has taken its tole on my social life (or whatever was left before I moved).  Although I still see my former roommates and friend I left behind, I've recently decided that most of my conversations being with coworkers and my cat will cause a rut of homely-ness unless I do something about it.  Today my Simple Pleasure of the Day is making new friends, and I am happy to report I made one today!

 Making new friends is good for your:

- Social health.  Do what you want with whatever level of socialness you see fit for yourself, I'm not here to judge.  However, some sort of connection to the human race has always been good for you.  My social health seems to be on life support, which is something I hope to resuscitate with adding to my social circle.

- Mental health.  I strive to be the opposite of a "crazy cat lady" because I am already so close.  Jimmy does not care what I say to him no matter how many pets or food I send his way.  Human interaction is better for your brain than strictly feline interaction mostly due to the fact that humans can RESPOND in a language you can understand (most likely).

- Physical health?  This only means the literal "getting out of the house" thing gets your blood flowing and that junk from the walking and driving and the hormones in your body that get a positive reaction towards the enjoyment of adding to your social circle and gaining attention from more people, etc.  Staying at home all the time probably means you're not moving around a lot, that's all I'm pointing out.

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