January 1, 2013

SPOTD: New Year's Resolutions

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My Simple Pleasure of the Day is what almost everybody has on their mind as well as mine: New Year's Resolutions.  Though my resoluting this year is not as well thought out and bitterly repeated as previous years, this year I hope to stick to just a few easy fun ones that I can ACTUALLY STICK TO.

My New Year's Resolutions are as follows:

- Smile more often.  Part of this is because I am in the delusion that I need whiter teeth, so while striving to be happy I will also strive to whiten, take care of my teeth more, feel better about myself and all that junk.

- Add to my "collections."  This means continue adding to my new apartment the STUFF I was held back from gathering due to two roommates and zero space to put it all (go figure that I have a super small studio for myself and MUCH more storage space for all my stuff).  Also, I've gotta add to my tattoo collection.  I have only one so far, and by calling it a collection it will strive me to get at least one more this year and add more throughout the years.  OH and might as well collect memories and experiences, too while I'm at it.  Why not.

- Read more.  FINALLY I have a glorious eReader and time on my hands to read stuff on it!  I can only hope affording enough books to read on it will suffice, but hey a library card is something I have not sought out in my new move yet... TO THE LIBRARY!

Anything else will just be a waste of time and money and anxiety.  Join me in the easy fun resolutions of awesome such as mine and this year will be a cake walk.  AND you can tell your friends that you actually stuck to your resolutions and be telling the truth for once.  Win-win!

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