January 19, 2013

SPOTD: Night by candlelight

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My energy bill doubled this month (curse you abnormally cold weather), so to save energy my Simple Pleasure of the Day is night by candlelight.  All unnecessary outlets are unplugged, candles are everywhere, and the heat is off so I'm snuggled in bed with my laptop running on battery only.  It's like the power is out, it's great!

Saving energy by staging pretend power outages will:

What Mandy Thinks: Image of a lit candle in darkness: "I might have several of these glass kitties."
I might have several of these glass kitties.
- Cost you less money.  Most plugged-in things I own are not plugged in most of the time like phone chargers, the toaster, and lights I'm not using, but the stuff that IS plugged in still waste electricity.  My desktop is completely off the grid right now, so that energy monster will lay dormant tonight.

- Force unplugged time (once your laptop's battery dies and/or there's no connection to the internet.  When I was a kid and the power went out, my main activities were making blanket forts and putting puzzles together by candlelight or lantern.  Sadly I do not have any puzzles (my last one was given away in the move, which I now regret).  Once I decide the internet is not a necessary plugged-in item, I will probably just go to sleep early.  All this darkness time is tiring me out!

- Do good for your eyes?  The world is bright, have some dark time with the least amount of bright screens in your face and your eyes will thank you (once the adjust to the dark of course).

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