January 9, 2013

SPOTD: Ponchos

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My Simple Pleasure of the Day is my ode to the original Snuggie: Ponchos.  The office has been colder than usual because Mother Nature is making my life as chilly as possible for this climate.  To fight back the chill, I brought a synthetic wool poncho I got a some thrift store somewhere.  It's hardly one of those fashionable ones that came back in style in the early 2000's (one circular fabric draped), but more of a poncho/robe thing with one long rectangle cut at the corner to the center for your head to wrap around you.  Whoever gave this away is probably freezing somewhere.

Ponchos are significantly better than Snuggie's because:

- Your back doesn't get cold.  Even the ones that are longer in the back and have belts don't justice to the temperature control of your back.  They're great for lying in bed where the non-blanket part is covered by other blankets or furniture.  My office chair would just freeze up my back with its punishing fake leather material.

- One size fits all.  Snuggle-like blankets with sleeves have two sizes, I believe: kids and adults.  So that means for most of us, the sleeves fail to cover half your arms or they drag to the floor.  Ponchos only have shorter sides where arms can stick out, no specific arm holders.

- Ponchos are easy to walk around in.  Snuggie's drag to the floor for a reason: to keep your entire body from neck to toe covered (excluding your back like mentioned above).  Unlike the dragging of the excess fabric of Snuggie's, my wonderful poncho wraps around mostly my top half and does not fall farther than my upper thigh, so it fits like a long coat in places.

Ponchos: 1, Snuggie's: 0.  Ponchos > Snuggie's.

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