January 5, 2013

SPOTD: Shopping?

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Who knew a day of shopping would be something I consider pleasurable as a Simple Pleasure of the Day?  My 15-year-old self is scolding me so.

Shopping can be fun if you:

- Hold in your intolerance for it and just go with the flow.  My 15-year-old self hates shopping more than life itself, but at least she was able to tolerate it around friends and family who enjoyed it.  My current self likes shopping when I'm in a group, but acknowledges the chore of it all when riding solo.  Shopping doesn't last long for an average shopping day so whether you hate it or just want to do something else, make the most of it and know the next few hours will be in the past soon enough.

- Have money to spend.  Random department store browsing is fun when there's cash that can be spent if you random browsing turns into random purchasing of something you just have to have.

- FIND SOMETHING(S) FANTASTIC.  I'm one of those organizing whores who gets so much joy from coming home with more things that I can find a place for in the most organizational way possible.  Sometimes it's to display something, sometimes it's added to a collection of displayed things... I'm just a sucker for displaying things.  Finding three fantastic vests/cardigans/whatever and two scarves means there's a closet and coat rack waiting to great their new editions.

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