January 31, 2013

SPOTD: Wide awake

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Without a doubt, I am not a morning person.  After sleeping for 12 hours two nights ago, I had about five hours of sleep last night to average out my shut eye.  Every time I do this, the morning after the 5 or so hours of sleep triggers my Simple Pleasure of the Day: it makes me super wide awake throughout the day that has me feeling more tolerable and joyous than any other normal day.

Get wide awake in your mornings and you will:

- Be more productive throughout the day.  Sleep is not on your mind, so that extra brain real estate will focus on more productive stuff.

- Enjoy the day more than a groggily started day.  My usual groggy anti-morning self finds something awful in every little thing until I'm awake enough for human interaction.  This morning had me smiling at the beautiful sunny day(good god it was gorgeous), my usually annoying cat (his mornings start at 6am every morning no matter what time I get up for the day), and even my breakfast (my protein shake tastes extra fantastic for no reason due to my mood).

- Have more energy!  My bike ride to work felt faster and easier.

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