January 7, 2013

SPOTD: You call your mom

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Have you called your mother lately?  I call mine twice a week.  I used to call every day during the college years (mostly for her benefit probably, the wreck she was when I moved out oh boy oh boy), but life has slowed down and my routine is just too boring to discuss daily.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is my usual Monday-or-Thursday phone call with my mom.

Keeping contact with family across state lines keeps you and said family:

- Close regardless of how far you are.  My family is pretty close in a togetherness sort of way, so when I moved out it was clear I would not feel close to them anymore if I didn't initiate regular contact.  Phone calls, texts, that fancy FaceTime stuff, and sending packages are just a few things to maintain the closeness factor from miles away.

- Updated on current events.  How else would I know my mother has a cold or the neighbors are having drama?  She doesn't partake in "The Facebook" so phone calls and texts are a great way to still know whats happening back in Nevada and vice versa for my mom finding out what happened to me at work today.

- From going nuts sometimes.  My mundane life of the full-time-designer with not much social life can get a little crazy at times.  A quick chat with my mom keeps me grounded and all that sentimental stuff.

There was a makeshift plaque my grandmother made to place by the phone that read "YOU CALL YOUR MOM" in bold letters.  It still sits by my parents phone to this day.  I even made a post-it version for myself just to remind myself of the cute makeshift plaque my grandmother made of paper and yarn. Go call your mom.  She'll probably be happy to hear from you.

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