January 1, 2013

WMT Changes for 2013

What Mandy Thinks: "Real-Person Chronicles" post
Happy New Year, all!  Since my "Guess who's rebranding?!" post a few months ago, I have made some changes to this blog and hope to expand my awesomeness in blogging throughout this new year.

Here's what you might have noticed already:

- Several more features / Daily SPOTD posts.  My nav bar is growing, people!  Since my "various happenings of my mundane 20-something life" cannot be generalized, I've categorized the crud out of it.  They're self explanatory and will grow throughout the year once my posting schedule is nailed down.  The only one I have for sure stuck is the Simple Pleasure of the Day series.  If you have been living under a rock for two months, then these are definitely breaking news.

- New social linking.  For those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, both profiles have been stuffed with WMT sharing of my mostly daily posts, but the links have been craaazy long.  Thanks to my new best friend goo.gl, a link shortening service provided by Google, my sharing will be shorter and the title/descriptions easier to read especially on Twitter.  Since my fantastic new job is all about Twitter, I'll be flying around in the Twitterverse much more this year.

- Sidebar additives.  2013 will be the year of Mandy Can't Stop with Just One blog because there's 3 more sites coming, spotlighted in coming soon graphics.  There's also a bigger image of me in there thanks to my fanciful coding skills breaking the mold of my layout.  I'll be adding some more stuff as I randomly decide to do so later because I'm never happy with that dang sidebar.

And oh lord here's what's coming:

- More What Mandy everything almost.  The launch of my redesigned portfolio website (whatmandydoes), Etsy.com account (whatmandymakes), and crafty/inspirational blog (whatmandyloves) are all coming up soon (still unsure the launch dates, I'll update when I do.)  There will also be a portal page for all 4 of these sites called whatmandy.com for promotional purposes (i.e. I can order business cards wee!!)  The domains have been purchased so IT'S GONNA HAPPEN.  EVENTUALLY. (Update February 2013: whatmandyloves.com is live!  "Does" and "Makes" are TBD.)

- A nailed down schedule of posting.  The daily ones are set, but with the rest I hope to have a steady flow of actual article-like posting to go along with my daily random thoughts.

- Post fixing.  There have been wayyyyy too many posts without photos and just a ton of text that needs to be tweaked, so expect more imagery and absolutely no misspellings or errors for my 2012 posts and future 2013 posts.  If there are any errors, feel free to slap me in the face next time you see me, or any other form of punishment suitable for my pathetic failures being a "professional" blogger.

- PAGES.  Dare I say it, I'll be adding more pages to the blog besides steady streams of posting.  Gotta get an About Me at least, right?  More to come once I know what they are... haha!

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