February 19, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Breathing

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My SPOTD is another generic one because I am still overtaken by a bug that has taken out most of my office.  Normal breathing has not happened since Saturday because mucus clogs my chest.  I picture those mucus people from that medicine ad campaign having a fiesta just behind my lungs. The only upside to this is occasionally sounding like Batman, but most of the downside is getting sent home early from work because you sound like you swallowed a chainsaw.

Breathing normally is something I miss while being sick, along with:

- Being able to smell and taste like I used to.  Although my nose thinks the litter box has disappeared, my taste buds are on strike until further notice.

- Full physical strength.  A normal work morning includes my bike, which I would get crushed under if I tried to lift it up and down stairs let alone try to balance on it in my state, so I had to drive.

- Caring about my appearance in public.  "Break out the hat and sweats because you're coming into the office stuffing as many germs inside your outfit as possible!"  And now that I'm back in my pajama sweats I attempted to stay out of for more than a few hours, I'm partially grateful for skipping the makeup which would have taken more physical strength than I have to scrape off my face.

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