February 27, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: A different part

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Bicycling is not something you do if you want your hair to be styled in a certain way.  Especially if blunt full bangs with NO separating parts is in your repertoire.  The wind from bike riding has caused a slight offset part on one side so I decided to blow dry the rest of my hair that way for easy bike-friendly style.  My SPOTD is the slightly new style from parting my hair differently just because.  Growing out my bangs may have to happen, too...  Thanks, Mother Nature for deciding for me I guess?  The wind is not going to die down anytime soon.

Recreational activity friendly hair will save you:

- Style embarrassments.  Having two parts in your hair isn't exactly the worst thing in the world, but if your hair is something you take pride in then something like this could bother you enough towards embarrassment.

- Extra styling.  Oh so much hairspray would have to be used, and I'd have to slow my pace on my bike and avoid extra windy days, IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT.

- Frustration over either of these two bullet points.  Taking part in styling your hair for the day should be fun!

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