February 15, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Girl Scout Cookies

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Once a year, a momentous time is upon us: girl scout cookie season.  I was a Girl Scout for a few years, so every year since I have purchased cookies to support my local troops and/or my former troop's  area in Nevada.  This year I purchased cookies from my coworker's daughter and he delivered them to me today.  My SPOTD is this collection of deliciousness known as girl scout cookies and how I support a great cause by purchasing them and fattening up on them.

If Girl Scout cookies were available year round:

- I would get tired of them fairly fast.  Cookies do not last long in my presence anyways, so if I eat so many all the freaking time of the same variety chances are I'll dodge those for other brands before crawling back to the cookies I love but will get tired of again in a vicious circle.

- I would not consider them as special as they are to me now.  This once-a-year thing adds to their popularity and the fact that I treasure them so much because of their limited availability.  If they were always around, I'd just consider them to be any other cookie brand.

- I would be the happiest girl on earth, which means I'll get soooo fat from eating so many.  The cookies in general are SO DELICIOUS and so rare that I find myself wishing I took more time to eat them than devour the entire box in one day. I would devour boxes upon boxes if I could.

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