February 9, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Sunbeams through blinds

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
The peninsula of the Bay Area where I live has STUPIDLY BEAUTIFUL MORNINGS... all the time.  I have been so used to waking up to fog and gray skies on a daily basis, but now that I live in a rare fog zone mornings are bright and sunny and happy and AH!  I literally stared out of a glass door that was blasted with sunbeams through blinds for twenty minutes and thought to myself how awesome this SPOTD was.

Waking up to a beautiful morning helps:

- Your energy level.  Sun generates heat, energy, vitamins and all that junk.  Stretch in front of a sunny window and I guarantee your energy is just a little higher after you step away from that window.

- Your mood.  Sun equals happiness for me in the mornings. No matter how much pain I'm in from either my obnoxious sleeping positions that mess up my muscles or "Aunt Flo's" always unwelcome visits, I'm feeling just slightly more awesome on sunny days than gray ones.

- Your plans?  Maybe you thought it wasn't going to be a good day for a plan you had until the morning of and now that you see the morning is starting out great you can actually experience said plan.  All it did for me was give me a more pleasant drive home.

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