February 25, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: To the mall!

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
To any die-hard "How I Met Your Mother" fan, the "Let's Go To The Mall" song is all but infectiously annoying in the best and worst possible ways yet you find it hard to stay out of your head when you actually want to go to a mall.  Due to a mission to find shoes for my sister's wedding, I actually needed to go to one of these malls.  This past week this song has gone viral in my brain and would not stop until I actually went to a mall... today.  My SPOTD for today wasn't just that I went to the mall, but that I survived it.

Here's how:

- EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE, so I just pretended like I didn't bug my eyes at the tags.  This particular mall is in Palo Alto near a hoity toity college campus, so of course everything has to be hundreds of dollars or I might as well be in San Jose "of all the places."  Seriously, why is a piece of fabric that could be found at any department store have to cost $189.99?  Is it because the "Handmade in India" tag cost so much to authenticate?

- Everybody around me - the whole tens of them on a Monday early evening - all looked bored, so I just pretended to be bored, too.  Apparently their heavy wallets weighed down their enthusiasm for shopping.

-Everybody had a bag in their hand, and it either had to be large and lots of them or a few super small ones because either way you scored.  I intentionally came to the mall to purchase the shoes that I was 80% sure would fit, and they did SO I did score.  AND got a decent sized bag!  Take THAT, lady with the super small Tiffany's bag.  You may have scored higher in the small-and-shiny department, but I scored in the it-fits-which-rarely-happens and my-bag-is-larger-than-yours departments so HA!

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