February 14, 2013

SPOTD: A change of heart

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Happy Heart Day one and all!  For those with a hurl reflex at the thought of this day actually mattering, I feel for you.  I used to be you.  Now I just... don't care enough, but in a good way.  With no plans causing a light freeing reaction instead of a gut-wrenching depressing one, my singleness just has be looking back at everybody else's love fest and let it pass me by indifferently through my Simple Pleasure of the Day: a change of heart towards Valentine's Day.

Letting V-Day pass you by with an indifferent perspective will help you avoid:

- Empty hatred.  Hating couples who love V-day or single people who hate V-day in a vocal way will just add more hate towards unnecessarily hate of hateness.  Letting people love what they love and hate what they hate especially on a day like this will help your world spin more smoothly with less extreme emotions running the day.

- Aching depression.  The "I'll never find love" syndrome of V-day can cripple you and stomp on every ounce of hope you may have at your lowest of lows while it seems like EVERYBODY else is happier than you.  Why go through it if letting it go is much less exhausting?  Single does not mean lonely and lonely does not mean sad!

- Costly side effects in the money persuasion.  If you just don't care enough, there's no reason to buy a ton of chocolate or sign up for a dating sight on a whim, or spend money on any other V-day purchases just because it's V-day.  Most of this point may go towards the dudes who plan to spend V-day money on their gal, but even single people spend money on themselves on V-day when they think they have to.

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