February 12, 2013

SPOTD: Fashion?

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
If you're a girl who's into clothes that cost more than your monthly food budget, then New York Fashion Week should at least be on your radar.  I work for a company that is helping some fashion companies stream their runways shows live this week, so I've been watching most of them.  I have to say... I've never been much into fashion to where I'd think of complimenting somebody by their "romantic symbolism" of the pattern on their outfit, but all these fashion shows have me realize that fashion is somewhat important to me now.  What?  I'm actually liking these shows!  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is my skepticism knowing that I'm getting more into fashion and not sure if that's good or not but I'm rolling with it.

Fashion is way to:

- Express yourself.  Just like my realization about makeup (uh I'm getting more into makeup AH), the way you present yourself through your clothing is a way to express the kind of person you are and what you like.  In high school I wore a lot of black.  Most of college was gray.  Now I'm buying more colorful stuff.  Your taste change as time goes by so show that off, why not?

- Flaunt your income.  If the dress you're wearing obviously costs more than most people's rent, good for you if you want to show it off if that's the kind of person you are but if you'd rather wear something Wal-Mart would stock, that's cool too.

- Express a mood or lifestyle.  Some random guy walking down the street with a spiked up leather jacket may look more intimidating than the girl in the flowery sundress.

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