February 4, 2013

SPOTD: Modern Medicine

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Pain medication has saved my day from being a rotten hurt-infested mess of sadness.  Transitioning back into a prescription schedule I've delayed due to the move has caused some pain that only my Simple Pleasure of the Day can rescue me from: pain medication.  Modern medicine how I love you sometimes.  (I do not blame you on my pain in this case because it's my own damn fault that I didn't make a doctor's appointment sooner to where my med schedule would be in sync.  Curse my laziness!)

If my trusty pain meds were not on hand today, I would have had to:

- Run upstairs the pharmacy and buy more meds, which is just a waste of money because I had the pills sitting at home that I already paid for that I COULD have taken if I had not forgotten them or for some other reason could not bring them to work.  My work supply of meds has run dry except a lone allergy pill which would do absolutely nothing against the inside pains of out-of-whack medicine schedule conflicts.


- Brace myself and others for the Bitchy McBitcherson I'd bring out due to my internal misery.  It's not a case of the Monday's, IT'S A CASE OF UNNECESSARY PAIN I WANT TO INFLICT ON OTHERS NOW THAT I HAVE SAID UNNECESSARY PAIN AHHHH! (This is where I picture myself throwing a chair across the room or smashing something half.)

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