February 22, 2013

SPOTD: A night in

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
A typical Friday at this point in my life consists of NOFO.  NOFO stands for Night O' Fun O', the weekly hangout night with my friends which is currently Friday's.  (We even created a Facebook group just for these nights because it's THAT awesome.)  Due to sickness at the host's abode (probably because I was a carrier for the sickness I've been getting over last time I saw her) there will be no NOFO tonight.  Part of me will miss them and our traditional night of fun.  The other part of me is loving having an extra solitary night in as my Simple Pleasure of the Day.  I can't wait for the next NOFO, but for now this night is going to be Fun O' with or without friends around.

Not having plans on a Friday night can be great if you're:

- Solitary to the point of not having any friends, where every night is a great friendless night.  That's what pets are for I guess?

- Boycotting certain people in your life or just the societal "Friday nights are not spent alone" persuasion.

- Still recovering from a particularly active Thursday night of Friday-like proportions.  Take a break like it's a Sunday night if this is the circumstance, you probably need it.

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