February 24, 2013

SPOTD: Party lights

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My grandmother made a collection of candy party lights out of an old set of Christmas lights, clear plastic fruit cups, and clear colorful plastic sheets.  My parents have a set and now so do I.  They used to be up just for Christmas time, but now they're up all year.  Mine are up every day as well, but I do not turn them on often.  Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day are turning on these party lights during the airing of the Oscars.

Setting a party atmosphere during special events:

What Mandy Thinks: Image of my party lights: "It's not a party without party lights, yo."
It's not a party without party lights, yo.
- Increases the festivities.  I could have been watching any old show, but with the only lights in the room on being these awesome multi-colored party lights, the night felt just a little more festive against the star-studded event coming out of my TV.

- Increases engagement.  Due to the awesomeness of my smart phone, I can easily be distracted with its various apps during commercials or even during the shows themselves during TV time.  The lights had me focusing on them during commercial breaks more than my phone.

- Adds more color?  At least my lights did.

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