February 18, 2013

SPOTD: Sleep

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
This President's Day holiday has been a sleepy one for me.  With the flu ravaging my now week immune system, sleep is my Simple Pleasure of the Day.

Sleep helps with sickness as well as:

- Fluids.  OJ and water have been my best friend.

- Meds.  Daytime and nighttime medicine and a flu-busting non-drug-interaction medicine have been my second best friend.

- Pets.  Jimmy has been a therapy cat for me during my waking hours, staying as close to me as possible due to his key sense of "Mandy is feeling icky."

This SPOTD is short and sad because my brain is mush from the extra heat emanating my body.  I hope to use bigger words and more words in general once my brain cools off.

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