February 28, 2013

SPOTD: Water

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
An average work day consists of snacking like I'm trying to store fat for a winter that is ending in a matter of weeks (which it is not technically).  Today however I chose drinking water over snacks and it felt so good I consider it to be a Simple Pleasure of the Day.  I even used it as a trigger avoidance maneuver for other not so nice habits of an average day like nail biting and fidgeting.  Every time I wanted to chew my fingers or giggle my leg for no reason at all, I took a swig of water like a sober drinking game.

H2O is an excellent substitute for these not so nice habits but it is also great for:

- Your skin.  Drinking a ton of sugary or caffeine-filled drinks makes my skin feel dry or stretchy like my body needed to take out as much water from my skin as possible.  A water-filled day had me feeling just the right amount of moisturize.

- Your hair and nails, which goes both ways for my nails if I decide to sip water every time I could be gnawing off a nail.

- Your energy level.  I'm normally WIRED with caffeine or sugar or both by mid afternoon to the point of crashing like I want to pass out on my laptop.  Today's energy level had a happily mundane feeling that wasn't bounce-off-the-walls high but content enough to focus medium.

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