March 19, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Beating the rain

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
According to my seemingly correct weather forecast for today, rain was supposed to hit around 6pm.  I did not bring a rain jacket and rode my bike when I would normally walk during rainy days.  Unfortunately, my bike ride home around 5:30 had thick sprinkles hitting me and my precious laptop.  Lucky for my precious cargo and my unprotected self, my Simple Pleasure of the Day is beating the rain because it began to downpour once I threw myself inside panting like I've never ridden a bike before.

Rain is normally an amazing phenomenon for me, but not when:

- Technology is involved.  One drop of water on anything that runs on any sort of electricity makes me cringe.

- Exercise is involved.  The faster you go in the rain the harder the rain falls on you, and more drops hit you.  Sprinkles or not, this light rain felt like rain bullets hitting my sunless skin and my thin sweatshirt was not helping.

- Ill intentions make this amazing phenomenon anything but amazing.  When I do not expect rain, I am almost always not ready for it.  Part of my love for rain is the gear that comes with it (bright rain boots, rainbow umbrella, awesome rain jacket, etc), so when I am unable to show off my awesome rain gear it feels like I'm neglecting them.  It's OK, funky umbrella.  You'll have your day soon.

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