March 5, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Bubble baths

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Ever turned the shower on and decide it just isn't enough?  I got bored with my shower routine tonight, so a glance at my neglected bubble bath bottles made me yell "SCREW IT" and switch the water's flow.  I took a bubble bath today as a SPOTD and since it was my first in this apartment it has been officially been broken in.  AND IT WAS GLORIOUS though short BUT GLORIOUS.

I rarely take bubble baths because:

-  I like to make a production out of it.  Break out the candles and soothing music because if I'm soaking in hot suds it's gonna be soothingly entertaining and energy efficient.

- It is all but possible that I will fall asleep in the tub.  When I sleep I toss and turn and let my limbs flop around with limited control.  So either I will drown myself by accident or get some sort of bruise from waking myself up against the shower door.

- My paranoia shortens the length of bath time.  What if I'm super cozy and sudsy and freakin' NAKED and the apartment catches on fire?  From either my elaborate candle setup or some other unit to where I don't know there's smoke everywhere because I fell ASLEEP and some hunky fireman has to tear down my door to save my bare ass so literally everything including the clothes that should be on my back are up in smoke while my cat runs out or gets neglected to die in the fire ALL BECAUSE I decided to take a bath at the worst possible moment?!  This is how my brain works, folks.

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