March 29, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Junk food

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
The affordability of junk food has escaped me this past month.  Lucky for me, some cut-throat saving and spending decisions of the recent variety have allowed some wiggle room for my SPOTD: junk food!  The exhilarating feeling of just grabbing stuff for no reason is BACK for a limited time only so I didn't go totally nuts.

For purposes of clarification, my definition of junk food here is:

- COOKIES, which I haven't purchased in what feels like ever.  To force myself to not eat the entire thing, I'm bringing them with me while visiting friends tonight so they can eat them with me.  I hope to leave half of whatever is left with them and then eat the rest when I get home because I CAN.

- Single-serve microwavable pasta instead of a box you have to cook in boiling water for several servings.  Those servings could have lasted longer and be less fattening per sitting, but no I WENT ALL OUT and got a single-serve one with artificial BACON chips in it.  Four whole minutes between opening and enjoying, bitches!

- Cheese sticks.  Some might consider them a healthy snack, but I nibble on these golden bricks of deliciousness several times a day when accessible due to my unapologetic love for cheese.  I have put off buying cheese sticks because I know anything cheese-related would not be eaten in moderation, so seeing the pack of cheese sticks in my fridge has made this money-caused cheese withdrawal totally worth it.

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