March 9, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Old friends

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My SPOTD is interacting with old friends, or in today's particular case finally getting some work for a contract job I haven't had work for in over six months.  They're awesome people and they love what I do for them (web design stuff), but I didn't realize how much I missed revising the old files and be part of conference calls with this particular start-up company.  (It's, an online travel gift card website I will shamelessly plug right now for their business and pimping my design skills.)

Old friends (in this case extended contracts) are great because:

- New friends barely know you.  This could be good if you want to hide something initially, or bad if these new people's trust or perception of you can change due to something they think you hid.  Hypothetically of course.

- You have history with them.  There's a lot I've done with myTab over the past few years from when their website was a blank and sad as the year 1999 in web standards up until now where it's doing pretty well for itself (and looking pretty fancy if I toot my own horn).

- If they've lasted enough to be called "old" friends, then they're probably the good ones.  There's a saying of "the older you get, the less friends you have" or I'm paraphrasing.  I've had lots of jobs but the ones that stick with me like myTab will last whether I leave them tomorrow or stay with them until I retire (haha "retire" which I probably will never do).  My portfolio will show the kick-ass-ness of my designs, and I would hope that I didn't screw up in any way to where they can recommend me to anybody for said kick-ass-ness designery.

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