March 21, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: On time

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's SPOTD is being on time.  My work hours vary in the sense of "you make your own schedule and be aware of ours," so arriving by a specific time on the clock seems strange to me now.  Most of the time I stick to my own set schedule of what I consider to be "on time" but more recently I've been lazy and getting in later.  (I'll partially blame daylight savings because I stay later if I get in later and it's still light out woo?)  But even with a cold wearing me down, I was able to show up according to my on-time standard.

Growing up, being on time always felt:

- Impressive, so if I wasn't on time I was disappointing everybody.  Luckily this anxiety-driven disappointment has faded in me as time went by, but there's still an ache inside me when I find myself late for anything.  I HATE being late but I still have late moments as any human can be.

- Productive, so if I wasn't on time I was going to be unproductive the rest of the day.  No matter if I'm late or on time, I'm not letting anything stop my day-to-day tasks.  Motivation for the day is often increased by on-timelyness, but being late can make me feel like I need to make up for the lost time.

- Supportive, so if I wasn't on time I was selfish and entitled.  My time is my time, but commute time to important engagements like work is included in work time.  I had a job in the past where if I was two minutes late my boss would call me out on it.  Since my "work time" can be any time (my current job has had me up at 4am before and working on a document over Christmas), I still incorporate enough time for commute but also realize that I could get an email any time and be expected to do a project any time.  My time and work time vary now, but selfishness and entitlement do not come into play here.

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