March 27, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Setting the table

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Setting the table for one is just sad, but setting the table for more than one in a prepared dinner fashion to where I'm actually helping and bonding with the people I'm with make it a SPOTD.  Since I live alone, I hadn't really set up a place setting for my food like this since I lived with roommates... oh wait, I didn't actually do that either... since the last time I visited home in Nevada.  So today's place setting was a nice gesture but something I miss doing.

Living alone removes every day tasks you're used to doing with living with others, such as:

- Getting food for more than one person at the grocery store.  When living with roommates, I would occasionally see a snack they like and think "I'll get that because I know So-And-So likes it."  Now I just get whatever my single self going to eat and the few things my picky kitty needs.

- Having conversations with somebody besides your cat.  Jimmy the cat is a great listener, but roommates and family were people I talked to in person while living with them and now talking to myself is the most conversation I have in a day.

- Paying part of the rent instead of the whole dang thing.  BOY do I miss the rate I had before... it was so... small... (whimper).

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