March 22, 2013

SPOTD: Crying in a movie theater

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My Simple Pleasure of the day is crying in a movie theater.  Since a movie theater is still technically being "in public" no matter how dark it gets and how into the movie you get to not even notice anybody around you, I always held in my emotions.  Sure I'd shed a tear here and there during an emotional second, but a particular movie I saw tonight had the cutest moment between a guy and a cat so obviously I started balling over the cat's terror and the man's comfort.  Never mind that it was an animated movie set in prehistoric times with a cat that cannot possibly exist (it had RAINBOW FUR for crying out loud), I just lost it.  And it felt GREAT.  Some of my makeup may have been lost in the waterfall coming out of my eyes, but it was worth it.

Letting yourself go like crying in a movie theater over a particularly moving part of its plot is wonderful and should be done more often, just like:

- Crying by yourself in your room watching a sad movie you KNOW you can't see with anybody else because you know you'd ugly cry the whole way through.

- Crying over something bottled up inside that has been repressed for too long even if it's not even cry-worthy (like it's not even sad or frustrating but just something that needs to get OUT of your BODY somehow).

- Crying through a ridiculous moment for no reason at all like spilled milk or missing your favorite show on TV or how your favorite food is sold out at the store JUST BECAUSE CRYING feels like a GOOD IDEA.

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