March 24, 2013

SPOTD: Free samples

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Warehouse stores with free food samples served daily during lunchtime is something only few can encounter if this warehouse has a membership program.  My mother has a membership so we went shopping for a few over sized purchases of everyday things like 100 packs of snack bars and a 48-pack of cat food cans, but what we also ended up enjoying besides the over sized shopping was the free samples!  My Simple Pleasure of the Day was filled with mini pizza bagels, OJ, crackers, pastas, and some sort of chocolate sundae thing that would have spoiled if I decided to purchase it and take it back 5 hours in my car to drive it back to my apartment. 

Life is full of free samples, and mine has been full of:

- Birth control free samples.  Backup when I'm poorer than poor YES.

- College free samples.  Step in on any class for free as long as you're not enrolled in it and it's just for your own enjoyment?  Yes please.

- Free consultations on things that need consulting.  I'd rather have meeting based on choosing something based on an opinion be free in case the option stated causes me to leave and not go through with whatever I need a consultation with.

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