March 6, 2013

SPOTD: In-home "workout"

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My stressful day involving the unfortunate news that I owe bunch of tax money I cannot afford would normally cause me to eat everything in sight.  To calm down / make room for the excess calories / give myself a Simple Pleasure of the Day, I took to a mini in-home "workout."

This "workout" is in air quotes for several reasons:

- My studio apartment has limited square footage.  I walked around chairs in the main room through the kitchen passing the counters and fridge, and repeated for several minutes until I got dizzy.

- I do not own any in-home exercise equipment.  Since riding my bike in my main room won't get me very far, I would use the walls and counters to do pushups and squats and stuff once the dizziness from walking wore off.

- Exercise is the devil.  I tried keeping my heart rate up for more than a half hour, but this mini "workout" like any other type of workout for me is hard to maintain motivation throughout.

And now I munch on cookies that were baking as I was "moving around."

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  1. Try the Nike Training Club App. its great for small spaces and requires no equipment. And its short 30 minute work outs. They kicked my butt!


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