March 16, 2013

SPOTD: Re-purposing

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
"Re-purposing" is a strange word, and if it isn't technically a word then it's my word and my Simple Pleasure of the Day.  I did some cleaning today, and out of my cleaning I found three things I wanted to keep as a memory but didn't want to have around in its original form: two graphic tees and a blanket.  The shirts were too small but I kept them around for the design printed on them.  The blanket I've had since I was at least 10 years old and has been through hell and back with tons of holes and the stuffing completely ripped out that I used it as a chair throw.  SO in order to still keep these items, I now use them as wall art.

I have several circle looms hanging on my wall as frames to display:

What Mandy Thinks: Image of repurposed wall art with an old T-Shirft
- Scarves, bandanas, and chunks of fabric with funky patterns I found at thrift stores.

- A small flag whose stick decided to break but the flag part was still pretty cool.

- Old pillowcases, blankets, or T-shirts from my past, which is what I added today: 1) an old sleep shirt from when I was 8 that was MASSIVE on me then and comically tight on me now (see left), 2) a band T-shirt from last year that I will probably never fit into again (and it's my favorite band so heck no I'm not giving it away), and 3) an old blanket made out of T-shirt material that is tie dye and so awesome but SO worn down it wasn't fit to be a blanket anymore.

Goodbye boxed up / worn down clutter.  Hello new nostalgic wall art!

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