March 26, 2013

SPOTD: Unexpected run-ins

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
I do not run into people unexpectedly in public often, especially after my move from Carson City to the Bay Area five years ago.  I knew most of the town (or at least recognized many faces because me and names... no too many), but the Bay Area has WAYYY more people to make every public outing of mine statistically lower with a chance of running into somebody I know.  Fast forward to today where my Simple Pleasure of the Day is running into my dad at a thrift store.  It's not completely unexpected to see him in our natural habitat, but the quick recognizing shock of "hey, I know that guy" feels like an unexpected run-in I rarely get to feel.

If I ever run into somebody I know in public, it usually ends up going one of these few ways:

- I see somebody from afar and wave awkwardly hoping they see me.

- Somebody gets my attention with either awkward waving or a comment I hear before I can see them.  This is the case of today when I heard my dad's fake scoff of "Well, they'll just let ANYBODY in here!"  My reply was "UH, not you again!"

- Either I or somebody I know catches a glimpse of who we think we know but there's a chance that maybe it's not so there's no attention drawn to either of us as we move on.  It's one of those "hey, that's what's-his-face" moments where either you can't get to them or you don't want to so life just goes on like they weren't even there at the time.

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