April 18, 2013

My 2013 Music Proclamation

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If my high school self had a soundtrack, it would be full of loud rock and metal music to drown out my moody teenage angst.  Although I still like this music, it does not have the punch it used to have.  I'm occasionally cringing when hearing a certain song on my iPod, and then another... and another because of how they make me feel.

Turns out that from my 30GB of music in my library, rock and metal songs are kicking all the other genres' ass.  Over 60% of my songs have been downloaded before high school graduation when life wasn't fair and Disturbed was considered lullaby music.  (I can still be put to sleep by any Disturbed song, though.  True story.)

What Mandy Thinks: Image of my cassette tape collection: "I need a digital version of my tape collection."
I need a digital version of my tape collection.
As cringe-worthy as they are, there is no way I am giving up any of these songs.  They still have their excellent moments, and my regret in losing them would be greater than the guilt of having too many of them currently.

The radio industry was something I thought we'd always have, but it's a fish out of water right now with internet radio sucking up all the glorious H20 that is their customer base.  Songs I thought would "always be on the radio so why buy them" seem to be fading away.  Especially classic rock and oldies from the '60's and '70's: the stuff I grew up on (when you live in Wyoming in the 90's, it's either country or classic rock so I thankfully chose the later) before my teenage self decided to share the love with the genre of screaming guitars and equally screamy singers.  A recent trip to Nevada to see my parents had me reminiscing the classics while driving through town listening to the oldies station.  I found most of what I heard I don't own!  What?!

My recruits in other genres are fighting a hard battle in shuffle mode against these angst-fueled music choices.  These guys needs some backup.

My 2013 Music Proclamation is as follows: I will find the money this year in order to purchase as many classic and fantastic songs I can that are NOT angsty rock songs so I can tip the scale in my library.  I've got a computer with a terabyte of space and an iPod with 30GB more space left (since I took off all those useless movies) so I'm gonna use these to my musical advantage.  I've already gathered up some lists of songs from the 50's, 60's, and 70's and I plan to extend it further through the 80's, 90's, and beyond.  My cassette tape collection (shown above in all its classic rock glory) should have been a sign that I needed more stuff like that on my iPod.  I'm on track for more oldies, more cheesy pop songs, more indie songs from today - and maybe a few more rap songs - but much less screaming.  My shuffle will finally get used to the variety instead of picking one rock song that turns into twelve in a row.

My music taste has changed as my overall mood and lifestyle has.  Music used to be my escape from a sucky life.  Now it's a journey through my current happy life, but it also sways my mood faster than silly woman hormones.  I'll be swaying through an indie song one moment and want to punch something through a metal song the next.  Most classics I'm looking to acquire are happy, care-free, fun, and have just the right mood trigger to get me through a great day without wanting to punch anything.

Let's hope by 2014, the war of the shuffle will be won by the easy listening contentment of the classics or indie picks that make me sway.  My rock and metal buddies will still be there and not forgotten.  Look out, though: you're gonna be put in your place.

What songs do you mean to get yourself?  What genre is overtaking your library?  Let's talk music!

(Disclaimer: I always have and always will strive for legality with music, so for those who torrent more power to ya but I'm not into that.  I'll be a good noodle and get all these songs the good noodle way.)

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