April 8, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Feng Shui

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" posts
(Disclaimer: My definition of "Feng Shui" is just using this fancy word/phrase/thing to describe me moving and rearranging stuff in my apartment, so you sticklers with the true definition can shut your face.  I know what real "Feng Shui"-ing is and what I did today was not that.  If you can come up with a equally fancy-sounding name for this task, let me have it.)

My SPOTD is my way of "Feng Shui"-ing: rearranging junk to make living better and mix life up a bit.  My desk is clutter-free, my "entertainment center" scrunched on top of my coffee table is in an ergonomically correct height for watching TV in bed (be jealous), and my bookshelf has taken on the role of "throw everything else here until I find a better place."  It's not full-proof, but it is what it is.

Changing things up is great, especially if it:

- Helps your overall well-being.  I love me a good well-being booster, so whenever I discover an opportunity to cease life awesomeness upgrades like decluttering and rearranging, I take it on head first until my internal level of awesomeness is bumped up to my liking.

- Promotes motivation elsewhere.  This could mean you transfer your motivational energy from rearranging to now doing something else productive and awesome, or it could inspire you later to do something productive and awesome that you wouldn't have thought of before if you hadn't increased your level of awesome in such a way.

- Includes perks.  Moving my TV up on a new stand that's at least one foot higher than it was before is going to help my posture because I am the worst sitter ever.  I don't realize how I sit affects my muscles and nerves until I move hours later with a knot the size of Texas hiding behind my shoulder blades.  Higher electronics equals better posture which equals less pain?  Perks!

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