April 16, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Forgotten songs

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My music library of purchased songs is kind of massive.  The shuffle mode can get a little comfy with the same few dozen songs if you're not careful, so while scrolling through my songs I found several that I forgot I had.  Duets, electronic jams, cheesy 80s ballets, metal screechy stuff you name it I probably have it, so it's easy for me to misplace a song lost in my sea of audio.  My SPOTD is playing these forgotten songs.

I find several things I didn't realize I had, including:

- Extra pounds.  But my scale... must be lying to me.  All those Oreos may be to blame.

- Expired food.  Whoops, I must have bought this luncheon meat a few months ago...

- A tremendous amount of stray cat hair.  It's like I sweep up a whole other cat every week!  And Jimmy is just one cat.  A massive shedder, he is.

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