April 20, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Public Singing!

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I can cross off one of my bucket list items tonight because I have finally participated in karaoke... at an actual karaoke bar.  I SANG IN FRONT OF PEOPLE?!  WHAT?  Well technically 90% of these people were drunk or just didn't care about my performance, but hey my SPOTD of public singing in front of them felt strangely great regardless of what nerves and a strained throat did to my vocals.  (More on that in a later blog, I promise.)

When I told my mother I was going to a karaoke bar, she scoffed at this idea by flat-out saying "But you can't sing!"  Apparently she thinks I can't because:

- I never really sing in front of anybody.  I barely just got comfortable with singing in front of one of my best friends who was in choir all through high school and has a awesome voice herself.  She says my voice is great, but I'd probably need a consensus to make sure this is true.  All I know 100% surely is that I am not tone deaf (thanks choir teacher and piano lesson lady).

- She knows about my childhood ritual of calming myself down.  Once I got my own room at age ten-ish, there were nights where I couldn't sleep.  Music was my first best friend, so I would sing softly to myself at night to help tire me out and calm down whatever was causing my hyped-up kid brain to keep me awake.  Apparently I was not singing softly enough because my sister and mom told me recently that they knew I would do this haha.

- I had never expressed my joy of singing publicly.  There were no singing lessons, no singing along to songs on the radio if I wasn't by myself... it was just something I didn't talk about.  I would daydream occasionally that I would show up to show and tell (this was up to 5th grade people) where my show and tell was singing a song.  Or I would think that auditioning for a talent show could start something big for this girl with an unknown talent.  But nope, this would never happen because deep down I did not consider my voice good enough for this stuff (and introversion screamed for me not to because that meant the chance of public humiliation and just... public in general ahh).  Still nice to dream that it could happen though.

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