April 12, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: The Rogue Caterpillar

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" posts
My bike ride to work this morning, I found an unexpected hitchhiker.  There were leaves blowing in the wind, and one appeared to stick to my scarf.  I looked down and it's not a leaf but a tiny green caterpillar attached to a spider web or something that got caught in the wind.  I pulled over to drop off the little critter on a leaf.  My SPOTD is this rogue caterpillar interrupting my commute in the cutest unexpected way.

Interacting with nature unexpectedly brightens up my day.  Here's some other nature cuteness I've experienced:

- A squirrel at Golden Gate Park was wayyyyy to friendly with the humans around him.  If you'd walk by this little swindler, he'd get on his hind legs and move his paws around like "Hey.. hey there... hi.  Hi there.  Feed me?" until you paid attention to it.  I crouched down to him (at a safe distance of course, rabies is not something I want) and just watched in all his cute swindling-ness.  Tourists would give him a peanut or something, but I knew better and just walked away.

- Walking down Ocean Beach and finding tons of lady bugs!  Swarms of 'em!  It was glorious.

- Finding massive nasty looking spiders (in this case smaller than a dime) somewhere in the apartment.  The super tiny ones I squish, but the bigger ones I try to set free outside.  We're both web designers :p

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