April 24, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Silent Walks

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My Walking Wednesday to work was unintentionally quiet due to a dead iPod and a limited Pandora mobile streaming.  (If you try to go over your 40 hours on mobile a month limit, it's a dollar or wait til next month?  What?!)  I used to do music-free silent walks as a SPOTD at least monthly when I lived near the city (mostly because the hustle and bustle sounds and crazy homeless conversations are often entertaining but also) to unplug and refresh from technology that clogs up most of my days.  Today's walk has me thinking I'll continue this monthly silence-during-commute thing.

These are just a few of the things I heard today that I would have missed if music blocked outside hearing:

- The "good morning world" nature-y sounds.  The birds chirping, the slight rustling of the leaves against a breeze, the squirrels, the occasional bug, and of course cannot forget dogs barking and the hum in the air from sun shining (I swear to you there's humming when it's a super bright morning, as if the sun rays have a sound haha).

- Unintentionally overhearing bits of conversation.  A French couple were saying Frenchy things (in French, I mean, which I do not speak).  Street cleaners were talking about excess pig and cow body parts on a stick (true story, must be a dish at some restaurant somewhere).  A guy in a suit mentioning trades of tens of thousands to some major client.

- My own thoughts.  Sure I would have heard myself think any other time of the day - this blog can attest the fact that I think way too much haha - but my mind is the most silent when I'm listening to music.  I get lost in it.

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