April 23, 2013

SPOTD: Antacids

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
From morning until dusk, I have been unusually starving.  Since the exceptionally fatty feelings wouldn't go away, I thought "might as well" at the idea of ordering pizza.  A large pizza for one calls for my Simple Pleasure of the Day: antacids.  (I didn't eat the whole thing, goodness!  Just... most of it...)

There's no such thing as too much pizza, but these body parts can argue otherwise:

- My hips.  They can't lie about the extra pounds caused by eating a ton of pizza.

- My stomach.  All the grease and cheese and bread... how do you do it, stomach?

- My face.  It's gonna break out like nobody's business very soon after the entire pizza is gone.

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