April 19, 2013

SPOTD: Balance

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" posts
Today is a friend's birthday.  Since I literally work across the street from a well-known factory of cheesecake (cough), it was decided I would bring slices of cheesecake to my group of friends to celebrate this friend's birthday - which let's face it was the prefect excuse for cheesecake.  My impromptu bike ride home with six individual slices of cheesecake balanced inside a giant bag on my wimpy bike basket must have been a sight.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is keeping the balance of steering a bike for about a mile and holding fragile baked goods in a precarious fashion so they could all end up safe.

I'm normally horrible at balancing anything (excluding my bank account haha), so the following were bad ideas to begin with:

- Attempting to skateboard as a kid.  I had a kid-sized skateboard that I would ride off my parent's driveway as if it was one of those big kid ramps up the street.  Numerous scrapes and bruises numbered my days on that board.

- Attempting several jobs at once.  Four jobs (two of them were technically internships but whatevs) and five classes in a three month period was manageable until I would forget how to do simple human tasks like unlocking doors and remembering good friend's names.  I still have to go through my hard drive from that period in my life just to see what projects I was doing because I can't remember much of anything during those three months.

- Attempting downhill skiing.  I can go cross-country skiing any day of the week (it's hiking with different shoes basically haha), but as soon as I have to go down a hill?  HECK no.  I tried downhill once and almost ran into people, almost lost a ski, almost fell flat on my face, and most definitely dropped one of my polls while on the lift.  And don't even get me started on snowboarding.  Skateboarding was a clear sign that snowboarding will not be an option for me.

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