April 7, 2013

SPOTD: Crosswalks

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Mothers are always sticklers with their children in crossing the street safely.  I was always told to use the crosswalk or a) a cop would ticket us for jaywalking, b) you'd get hit by a car, or c) you'd get across safely but I'd get a scolding from Ma regardless of my safety.  Today, I wanted to shop at two different stores that were separated by a busy four-lane road.  Moving the car felt silly, so I left the car in its spot to walk across the street.  My instinct was to jaywalk, but not even twenty yards away was a fancy lit-up crosswalk I hadn't noticed before.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is using the crosswalk like a good noodle even though my mother was not watching.

Although society tells me not to, I still end up doing other good noodle things without the presence of my mother, including:

- Staying as close to the speed limit as possible.  For those reading this from middle America, that's nothing new or shocking, but Bay Areans consider speed limits more like "guidelines," deciding that 5-10 miles over any number they see is just fine.  I've always been a slow driver.

- Cleaning up after myself in a movie theater.  ONE MY PET PEEVES is when people leave all their trash and junk behind in their theater seats because "there's people here that are paid to clean up after you."  GRR.  I've always cleaned up after myself when I leave somewhere, period!  GRR.

- Paying every single bill early or on time.  I only have had ONE late fee ONCE because of paying one-freaking-hour into a new day that pushed the payment I made into a Saturday which pushed it to technically post on MONDAY.  I never ever ever ever want to be late on any payment ever in my life.  Ever.

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