April 9, 2013

SPOTD: Dancing off the calories

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My mistake / genius idea of purchasing an entire bag of Oreos for myself has lead to a boost in my daily calorie intake.  So much so that my calorie counter app tracking what I call my "weight maintain-ment" is yelling at me for a not-so-healthy gain for my day (I'm talking hundreds of calories over).  To compensate, I decided to get some upbeat dancy songs through my speakers to dance off as many calories as possible no matter how ridiculous I look alone in my living room.

Oreos have consequences, and can lead to:

- More Oreos.  What is arguably my favorite cookie has been all too present since my last paycheck where I let myself buy some extra things.  Once one bag came, another bag followed.

- A sugar high.  When lunch consists of six or seven or nine Oreos and a glass of milk, there's bound to be some twitching or racing thoughts from the sudden rush of junk food.

- A late night glass of milk turning into a Santa moment.  It's as if I purposely left out a glass of milk and cookies for myself.  Sadly I will not have any presents appear in the morning due to it being... well APRIL.

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